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Scarecrow Sunday

Scarecrow Sunday 1/8/2021 has been cancelled

Unfortunately, rising Covid case numbers mean that we have had to cancel Scarecrow Sunday for the second year running. We're sorry to disappoint those of you who were looking forward to a lovely day out, and we hope to welcome you back in 2022.

What is Scarecrow Sunday?

'Scarecrow Sunday' usually takes place on the first Sunday in August; it is the modern manifestation of the ancient Bron Fair, of which the original Royal Charter for the fair at Brampton Bryan was granted in 1252. It is now the main fund-raising event for the church and other local charities, and regularly draws over a thousand visitors, offering a great day out with fun and interest for all ages.


Attractions usually include guided tours of the castle, a Scarecrow trail, and in the church, a themed flower festival often aligned with the chosen Scarecrow theme, with organ music played by several organists throughout the day. A variety of other entertainments have included stalls and displays, a dog show, children's sports, vintage cars, a silver band, and rides in a 1904 'Strawberry Cart'. Excellent home cooked lunches and teas are also popular. Other churches in the parish, as well as local charities and organizations, are often represented by their own stalls and displays.

Castle tours

One of the few chances to see Brampton Bryan Castle and to hear about its sieges. These popular tours are usually led by Edward Harley and include a history of the castle, the Harley family and the part played in the Civil War. Tickets can be booked on the day.

Food and drink

Home-cooked lunches and teas are provided on the cricket ground with the benefit of seating and marquees to cope with rain or shine. A hog roast complements the home-made lunches, hot dogs, ice creams, and of course a bar.

Dog show

This is a very popular part of Scarecrow Sunday to which an all-encompassing assortment of dogs are welcome. Entries are on the day, and classes are designed to suit all comers. From youngest handler and waggiest tail, through to some entertaining agility. The latter is particularly popular with the crowds of spectators.

Scarecrow trail

Scarecrows are dotted about the village and the cricket pitch. With a new theme every year, many people try their hand at Scarecrow making, resulting in anything from astronauts and ballet dancers to fashion designers and superstars.

Flower festival

The church is bedecked with themed flower arrangements – each one arranged by a different hand. These are always pretty and often witty!

A fashion themed scarecrow – The 1960s Mother.
A fashion themed scarecrow – The 1960s Mother.
Knighton Town Silver Band.
Knighton Town Silver Band
Madame Butterfly, one of the displays at the Flower Festival in the church – a musical theme.
Madame Butterfly, one of the displays at the Flower Festival in the church – a musical theme.

A Walk in the Park

This charitable event usually takes place on a Sunday in late spring when the medieval park is arguably at its most beautiful. Catering for different abilities, there are guided walks of varied lengths which visit areas of the historic park not usually open to the public. The walks include snippets of local and natural history and are followed by homemade cakes and tea in the Parish Hall.

Brampton Bryan park.
Brampton Bryan park.

Civil War Re-Enactment

This bi-annual event takes place in the village at Aardvark Books; members of the English Civil War Society set up camp and re-enact the Civil War sieges of Brampton Bryan, complete with the arms and costume of the age. Including a detachment of cannons, muskets, pikes and much more, the re-enactors tell the story of the heroic defence of Brampton Bryan Castle by Brilliana Harley and her household, capturing the noise and hurly-burly of the sieges. Attacked by a Royalist force of some 800 men led by Sir William Vavasour, Lady Brilliana Harley bravely defended the castle. A special church service, attended by English Civil War Society members in period costume, marks the occasion.

The Civil War Society at Brampton Bryan Castle.

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